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Route map

Coulee Challenge riders

Unfortunately, we have had to make a change to the first day of the Coulee Challenge route. There is a bridge that is under construction and while one or two riders might be able to persuade the construction crews to let them pass, it's not a certainty that they'd let 90 riders through. Therefore, in order to avoid any of you having to backtrack and ride a significant extra distance (18 miles), we've decided the safest course of action is to change the route to detour around the construction.

This detour affects miles 94.4 through 103.9 of the route. It adds 1.8 miles in that section. Our advice is to download the ridewithgps files for the full route and day one and of course to use the official cue sheet you'll be given at registration.

If however you've developed your own cue sheet and/or ridewithgps files, be advised of this change and that your mileage will be off (short) by 1.8 miles.

We also discovered a missing cue at mile 135.4 on the old route (right on 11th Ave E) and a few other small errors and have taken the opportunity to fix these as well.

We apologize for the inconvenience this creates in having to download new GPS files, update personal cue sheets, etc., but we believe this will allow riders using the ride provided cue sheet and GPS files to navigate the course without difficulty.

Full Route

Day 1 Final Route
Day 2 Final Route
Day 3 Final Route
Day 4 Final Route

Coulee Challenge Cue Sheet (PDF format):PDF cue sheet

Coulee Challenge Cue Sheet (Xcel format):Excel File

If you are not able to download the final cue sheet in time to format it for your needs and print it off before you leave home, there is a Fedex/Kinkos store 2 blocks from the AmericInn where you can print off copies of the cue sheet or other documents. This store is open on weekends.